Friday, August 7, 2009

The Batman strikes again!

Batman, scaring children since 1939!


  1. That is some really nice artwork, what book is that from?

  2. That pic came from the "Batman Plus Arsenal" comic from Feb 1997. It actually wasn't a terrible book.

  3. Only Speedy would have the balls to attempt this...he should've known better :D

  4. That's what makes Roy one of the most AWESOME characters in DC! Who else would try to shoot BATMAN in the back with a suction cup arrow! :D
    At least before the last few years... Grrr... Poor Roy...

  5. Roy..Roy..Roy..
    He is one my favorite characters next to Dick and I just hate the way his life is going down the tubes right now D;

    They need to get together and drink some beers with Wally and Garth ;]

  6. Same here! Reading about Roy now is like reading about a whole different character... It's sad... When I read about Roy now I just imagine he's some weird clone of Roy who stole the place of the real Roy. That way I can envision Roy and Lian happily living a peaceful life somewhere... Poor Lian... :(

  7. Omg everytime I read your caption, I laugh so freakin' hard :D

    I miss Roy. I miss Lian. I hate his run in the TITANS series and I hate how shitty his life turned out. He is a completely different character and some of the stories he's been written in are crazy and downright stupidly unbelievable. I hate what they have done to him.
    ;( Hopefully, Roy will come out winning with an improved persona.

  8. That panel always makes me laugh! The expressions on Roy and Bruce's face just makes that scene!

    I couldn't have said it better myself! I seriously don't know WHY DC did what they did to Roy... They stripped away so much of what made him unique and interesting and left some weird junkie who hangs out with dead cats in an alley... And the Titans stuff hasn't led anywhere. Roy's just sort of there, not really doing much. It's just plain horrible. :(

  9. Tell me about it...
    I mean the dead cats scene was sooo infuriating :P
    and now I have no idea what is going to happen to him. I hope DC realizes the big mistake they made/are making with Roy.
    I miss the old Roy :(

    Haha Batman is soo gansta...I'm sure Speedy had nightmares after this attempt :p

  10. Ugh, everything about the Rise of Arsenal mini was infuriating! I have NO clue what that mini was even supposed to accomplish... Maybe with the DC reboot they'll fix Roy... That's ONE thing they REALLY need to do, which means they probably won't... :/

    HA! That'd be the LAST time he tried to shoot an arrow at THE Batman!!

  11. Well I am sure you are aware of the current changes in the DC Universe....I'm actually pretty excited to see Roy back with two arms :D

  12. Yes! So am I! And as a HUGE Jason Todd fan(as evidenced by both this blog and my main blog), seeing a comic with both Jason AND Roy in it is like a dream come true! All I need to see now is Lian, and I can pretend all this recent ugliness that happened to poor Roy never happened!

  13. So far I am loving everything about it. :D
    Well I hope they bring Lian back and we could put this ridiculousness behind us but for now I am quite content that Roy is back :D How about that baseball cap he's wearing?

    anyways I can't wait to see how it all works out between him, Jason, and Kory. That is one book I will def. be picking up this September:)

  14. Yeah, there's no doubt that I'll be picking that comic up in Sept. I'm still hoping for Lian's return too. That would be like the icing on the cake of awesomeness that is this series! I've actually seen a lot of people complaining about the baseball cap Roy has on, and I was like, "Really?!" I'm just happy he's back, with BOTH his arms! Hell, he could be running around in a tutu for all I care, I'm just glad to see him back and in one piece! :D

  15. Yay! Roy is back. I am SOO excited for his return and Lian will make everything better. Kory and Jason can take turns baby-sitting watching :D

    and I like the b-ball cap;) and he has TWO arms :)

  16. I love the idea of Jason trying to do some babysitting work! That right there would be awesome comedy!

    Exactly! I'm fine with whatever he's wearing, once I saw that pic of Roy, the first thing I did was look at his arms, and when they were both there, I was set! :D

  17. That would be quite a funny panel. Jason taking care of Lian :D awwwww
    and I love the three of them working together. Im still a little confused about Kory being there but I like it.

    Perhaps Nightwing can make a guest appearance :D
    It kinda has an 'Outsiders' feel to it ;P

  18. It'd be great! That's one thing I'm sure he didn't learn from Batman... Child care! :D

    Yeah, Starfire being there is kind of weird... You KNOW Roy is gonna be hitting on her like CRAZY though! That alone should be pretty fun to see.

    With Jason, Roy AND Kory there, Dick had better make an appearance there! There's tons of history between Dick and all three of those characters... Unless they retcon it away...