Thursday, November 5, 2009

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #11(April 2005)

See, now THIS is how I want to see Norman Osborn, flying around on a goblin glider acting crazy, not flying around in a remodeled Iron Man outfit acting crazy.


  1. meh me thinks fuck you norman!Dr. Octopus is the Spider-Man villain with actual leadership charisma. The Goblin is honestly just a garden-variety psychopath & 2-bit punk with a silly costume and a lot of power; there’s never been anything special about the Goblin himself. One of the most overrated villains in comics and always has been.He's not as fun as Eddie,Cletus or the sinister six & he's only venerated for having accidentally killed Gwen.
    Now, if we were talking about Harry Osborn rather than Norman, this would be a different thing entirely; Harry Osborn is fascinating, and his gradual, sometimes unwilling collapse into villainy and final redemption is one of the truly great Spider-Man stories, both for his own descent and Peter’s reaction to it.( & the spiderman clone saga last mini-series is definitely what should have happened Ben goes west,Kaine is on the loose, Peter & Mj are parents & Harry is left with the option of returning to his family or pursuing his revenge, great dilemma!isn't it?)

  2. I never understood why Marvel(Bendis!) decided to pick Norman Osborn as THE big villain of the past few years. He's what you said he was. A loon in a goblin costume with some good powers and major hatred of Spidey.

    And I totally agree with you on Harry. To this day, Spectacular #200 is one of my favorite Spidey comics, because Harry was portrayed as more than just another villain. When he saves Peter and collapes, it was just amazing... It really was.