Friday, April 20, 2012

Jason Todd Returns

Remember that time your favorite hero climbed out of his own grave? Didn't think so.


  1. Well there is this which is kinda epic:

  2. I can't argue with that, that is pretty cool. Man I loved that Symbiote suit.

  3. HA!!! You got called on that, JT!! :D I totally forgot about Spidey and the Kraven's Last Hunt thing... And yes, that symbiote Spidey suit WAS awesome. I can't speak for Nate though... HE never clawed his way out of his own grave, so Jason's got him beat there...

  4. Lmao right?! I didn't expect for anyone to call my bluff... props to arw1985!

    Oh X, My shop has the buck a issue bin, and they have a TON of X-Man comics.... any you recommend?

  5. HA! That took me completely by surprise, 'cause like you, I'd have thought only Jason did it! Damned Spidey! Doing everything there is to do! :D

    Good god no!! Those issues were horrible! :D Seriously, $1 is too much! And that's me, the biggest X-Man fan you'll ever know saying that! Spidey showed up in a few issues, I guess you could try to find those. And the early issues(like 1- about 15 or so) weren't that bad, but yeah, that series got stuck with a sucky writer for WAY too long. That guy had NO idea what to do with Nate so we just kept getting the same horrible story over and over and over again. If you want me to, I can look at my X-Man collection tomorrow after work and tell you which ones had Spidey in them, as well as see if there were any gems I'm blanking on(although I'll bet there are none!).

  6. Lol right? Spidey has done it all, I should've known better than to put that out there.

    Lol I didn't expect that answer at all. Well that was surprisingly hilarious. And yeah I'd be interested in the Spidey one's when ya get a chance or any other gems.

  7. HA! Yeah... If you say ANYTHING, chances are Spidey's done it...

    Sweet, I'll try to get to that some time over the next two days or so. Just respond to this to remind me.

  8. Spidey's kinda like the Simpsons, he's done everything yet still has new adventures.

    Consider this the reminder!

  9. Exactly what is going on in this scan/comic?

    1. Jason comes back to life thanks to the "Superboy Prime" incident and wakes up in his coffin, six months after he was buried. He then has to break out of his coffin which ya see here.