Saturday, December 31, 2011

Giving it to Bruce!

Huntress shoving Bruce Wayne against a wall like that just makes me smile... I can't explain why, but it just does.


  1. Lol, I'm glad you revived this blog again. I have something else to look forward to in the day lol.

    This scan looks like it could turn into a passionate kiss lol. Explain to me in an e-mail X lol. I'm curious!!!

  2. Ha! Well, I'm def glad you're enjoying it, Lisha! That makes it all worthwhile!

    I read this comic so long ago I have no idea what the deal here was! I think Huntress thought Bruce was a mobster or something... But I am TOTALLY blanking on this scene! :/

  3. Awww you're such a total sweetheart. *Blush* if only I were single!! lol. :-P

    Lol @ Huntress. I mean I don't blame her.....Bruce does looking a little Mobbish with his choice of clothing here. Plus all the money he has,lol. Can't blame her one bit.

  4. That JT is one lucky man... :-) I hope he realizes that!

    He does look mobbish here, doesn't he! The clothing, the hair, and like you said, the money, seriously, you can't blame Huntress one bit!

  5. Lol. I hope he does too!!.

    To my knowledge Bruce and Helena aren't related are they? Lol. I always wanted those two to hook up and then we get a Catwoman v. Huntress fight for Batman lol.