Wednesday, December 28, 2011

These pictures sure make Batman look bad...

Poor Dick Grayson... First he loses his parents to some mobster. Then he winds up with Batman, where THIS keeps happening! Sheesh, I don't recall Bats smacking Tim or Jason around like this! Every time Dick gives Bats some lip in some comic book you're reading, remember THESE scenes and know that Bats deserves way worse than Dick is giving him!


  1. First Lol @ these scans, lol. Secondly I was shocked to see X-Man revive Uncanny Comic Book Scans. ^_^ I'm happy to see them back. :-)

    Oh I also saw that you were having trouble finding a site to upload your pics, have you tried Flickr?

    It's also freeeee. :) I'll keep an eye out on some sites for ya. :)

  2. BIn saying that, Batman WAS 'possessed' in the last two scans.

  3. I was shocked too, Lisha! We'll see how long this blog stays alive before I forget about it again... Here's hoping it sticks around for a good, long time! Cool, I just signed up to Flickr, although I see they have a limit of 300MB's a month. That should be enough for me... I also found a site called that has UNLIMITED storage and so far(fingers crossed) has been a really great find. And it's totally free, which is a double plus! :D

    Yup, Bats was indeed possessed in those last two scans, Flashfan(it was from Teen Titans Year One I believe). But Bats sure does look bad here regardless!