Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Captain America #308(Aug. 1985)

This scene does a magnificent job of capturing the essence of Cap and Hawkeye's relationship. And yes Mockingbird, Cap most definitely is "it" as far as I'm concerned as well.


  1. I meant to comment yesterday but slipped my mind. Lol, I would love to read this and see how wild Cap. A acts a fool. lol I'm not a big Marvel fan/follower but lol please tell me he doesn't still act that way. lol

  2. Well, Cap definitely has his moments... You'd think he'd be super composed or something, but every so often he'll just fly off the handle, like in that other post. That comic(Cap #169)was really funny, because he kept flipping out! He'd be talking to himself, yelling at people, starting ramdom fights and bullying folks. That was def not Cap at his best!