Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Avengers: Illuminati #5(Jan. 2008)

And thus begins possibly the WORST comic book x-over EVER!


  1. I only read the first and last issues of this miniseries, and in my opinion they're extremely overrated. The art is top-notch, but the story was terribly paced...not to mention that all of it led into, like you said, one of the worst comic "events" ever.

    I did, however, love the Illuminati special that led into Civil War. That and Civil War: The Confession were so good they make up for any bad issues in that crossover, in my opinion.

  2. Totally agreed about the art Marc. When I was flipping through this comic I realized how good the artwork was. That's usually how it is for me, I don't notice the art in a comic on the first read through, it's the subsequent look through where the art will catch my eye.

    I just hate the idea that there IS an Illuminati. It just goes SO counter to the Marvel Universe. Kind of like Wolverine and Romulus. All of a sudden we're supposed to believe these couple of heroes have been secretly meeting each other for YEARS, and yet nobody ever knew? Nope, not working for me!

  3. Yeah it's kind of ridiculous to think that they kept meeting time after time and kept it a secret. But that initial one-shot I thought was very believable...the conversation they all had about whether they should form an Illuminati was fantastic. I think it only became less believable with each meeting that was revealed after that.

    I think Jim Cheung is my favorite Marvel artist honestly, other than Romita and Bagley (yes, I'm counting matter who he's working for, he'll always be a Marvel artist to me!). Unfortunately, Cheung is also an extremely slow artist, but it's always worth the wait.

    I wish they would put him on an event book, rather than people like the overrated Leinil Yu. As a point of reference, I once compared the an explosion Cheung drew in New Avengers: Illuminati #1 to the big one Yu drew for Secret Invasion #1. There was no comparison whatsoever...Cheung absolutely blew Yu's art out of the water.

  4. "I think it only became less believable with each meeting that was revealed after that." Yeah, I can't disagree with that. The Illuminati is one of those concepts that seems kind of cool when you first hear about it, but the more you think about it, the more it just doesn't fit...

    Wow, that's pretty high praise from you about Jim Cheung, Marc! You know me though, I can hardly tell one artist from the other! Guys like Mark Bagley, JRJR, Kirby, Jim Lee, and the like I can pick out with ease, but a lot of the others just sort of blend together for me... I REALLY need to try to train my eye for comic art better!

  5. That's the way I am with a lot of DC artists, simply because I haven't seen enough of their work to form any real opinion about it. But since I've read so much more Marvel I can recognize most of their artists instantly, and Cheung is one of the best.