Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Teen Titans #31(May 1987)

Oh man... Must... resist urge to make... bottom lotion joke...


  1. Lmao, where was this scan when I was struggling Monday to find pics of young Jason as Robin. lol.

    Thanks a lot X! :^P naaah jk, still love ya! lol.

    And you knoooooooow you wanna make that bottom lotion joke....go on. *waits for it in a reply*

  2. Lmao no one mention bottom lotion, unless it's Donna's bottom!

  3. HA!!!!!! Damn... Your comment and Falisha's follow-up had me rolling JT! Hilarious!!

    I honestly didn't even remember Jason being with the Teen Titans at this time Falisha! I just happened to pull out a few New Teen Titans books and this was one of them. Of course the unfortunate bottom lotion comment was just the icing on the cake!

    I'm sure Uncle Brucie has PLENTY of bottom lotion on hand for young Jason there... Dammit, I couldn't resist!!!

  4. Lol, You know how we are X.

    And it's all good X, it's all love. You know I love harassing you. :-D

    And yes!! Lol, you couldn't resist. See what peer pressure does, brings great jokes. Lol.

  5. We all knew it was true, especially with some K-Y Jelly, available at all retailers of personal lubrication products, for the bargain price of around £4, though I'm not entirely sure. Prices may vary depending on shop...

  6. Bottom Lotion? LOL "Todd. You really messed up this time. Pass me the bottom lotion and put on the Marvin Gaye CD."

  7. And you know I love being harassed by you Falisha! :P

    I loved that pic Nagash! What have you done INDEED Batman!?!

    HA!! "put on the Marvin Gaye CD." Jason: "Again Batman..." Batman: "Yes, AGAIN!!!" :P

  8. Lmao... I'm washing my hands of this post.

  9. HA!!!!! Man did this post take a nosedive or what! Damn you and your bottom lotion Batman!!! That was probably one of the best scans I've posted on this blog so far!