Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Captain America: 65th Anniversary Special #1(May 2006)

And sadly Bucky wouldn't be fine...


  1. If this were a movie and not a comic, Bucky's comment would be followed by this:


  2. Lmao, Marc that was great! I'm still laughing at that... Also I love how you can type Bucky in Wikipedia and it automatically takes you to him like he's the only Bucky in the world.

  3. HA!!! That was perfect Marc!! That noise should play everytime I enter and exit a room actually...

    JT, he's the ONLY Bucky who matters!

  4. Lol @ that playing when you enter/exit rooms... that just sounds like you have a sad life.

    Oh really? Well I can't name another so I guess you're right

  5. HA!!! Man, if I could get that noise on my cell phone, I SWEAR I'd walk around playing it constantly!! I'd say or do something and then push the button... Man, that would get real old, real fast, wouldn't it?

    See, never doubt the awesome... um, knowledge(I guess)of X!!!

  6. Lol there was a dude I knew who had this funny ass sound on his phone and everytime he told a joke or someone else did that wasn't funny he'd press it and it'd go "Womp...Womp.... Wommmmpp." And it was hilarious for like days, so maybe it wouldn't.

    I'll doubt it until the day I die, and then for another week after that! Then I'll be done.. :)

  7. Are you sure it wasn't THIS? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-CN_At9Pnw

    Would this sad trombone effect do you guys?
    If so, drop me your emails and I'll send it over to ya as mp3