Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Green Arrow #7(Oct. 2001)

Here's a pic of Ollie visiting Barry Allen in heaven... Hey, wait a minute, why is Barry there???(There you go Robert!)


  1. Darn you, X-Man! I OWN this issue and I forgot all about this scene. (This issue is great because it has a lot of Hal/Spectre, but I digress.) Wow, a lot of this stuff has to be ret-conned now, haha. Anyway, you won the challenge, but now I challenge you to find a pic showing Green Arrow and Flash having a conversation when they're both alive!!

  2. Not only was that issue great, that entire storyline was flat out AWESOME! Reading that issue was funny 'cause you've got Ollie, Hal, Barry AND Jason Todd all running around up there. Things have sure changed in just a few short years!

    Hmm, the new challenge is definitely a bit harder since the only time Barry and Ollie were on the JLA was a LONG time ago. I'm thinking my best bet may be a flashback issue...