Monday, September 7, 2009

Teen Titans/Outsider: The Insiders(2005)

This is definitely NOT one of Tim's better ideas...


  1. That was just "Bat-Family Mentality' kicking in. Clearly an unarmed human with lots of 'guts' can take on a being whose more powerful than a locamotive, faster than a speeding bullet, etc etc.

    I like how Geoff Johns more or less acknowledges the insanity of the Bat-Family in their efforts to prove the superiority of the human race through grit against demi-gods...

  2. I think you've put it perfectly GL. Yeah, I'm going to go after an obviously insane Superboy and kick him in the stomach, that'll do the trick! At least Bats has his Kryptonite ring to deal with Supes, Tim just had his abject insanity!