Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spider-Man: 101 Ways to end the Clone Saga #1(Jan. 1997)

You know what the crazy thing is? The fact that Marvel actually used a variation of this story during "One More Day"!


  1. Wouldn't Ben have looked five years older than Peter once they got around to meeting?

    I probably would've accepted it as the answer to the clone sage, minus the Mephisto part of course.

  2. Yeah, when I reread this comic last night I thought almost the exact same thing! That explanation was actually pretty decent. The reason Marvel didn't use it was because it was too "cosmic" for a Spidey comic. I guess 10 years later Mephisto wasn't too "cosmic" for Spidey's book anymore!

    A lot of the ideas in this comic were WAY better then the one Marvel actually went through with.