Friday, September 25, 2009

Return of Superman TPB

Well, this is kind of a picture of Cyborg Superman and Steel together...(sadly Kello, this was the best Cyborg Superman/Steel scene I could find)


  1. Seeing as there seems to be a trend here of you doing requests may I be so bold as to ask for one?
    I just wondered if you had any issues from the 90's series Professor Xavier and the X-Men (seeing as your x-fan numero uno). It was meant to be a modern retelling of the first x-men issues from the 60's. I like idea and there are some issues going cheap on ebay im thinking about buying, but id love to know what the artwork looks like first, so if you have any Id love to see a scan of any of your fav scenes from that series.
    Thanks man

  2. No problemo, request away! I think I may have a couple of those books laying around Matthew, but I may be thinking about something else... If I find any I'll be sure to post 'em tonight.

  3. When I was a kid the end of the "Reign of Supermen" storyline was so epic!

  4. This was one of the few DC comics I picked up as a kid. The only DC comics I owned as a kid was the final part of the Reign of Supermen story, Bane breaking Batman's back, Batman #500 which was the final part of Knightfall, the Death of Superman trade(which was a Christmas present)and the X-Men/Teen Titans x-over from the early 80's which was given to me by a cousin. It's funny to think that I only brought 3 DC books with my own money back then, whenever I read a DC comic back then I always felt like I was cheating on Marvel or something... Man was I a weird kid!