Friday, June 12, 2009


Eh, I just felt like throwing an Impulse pic out there tonight. Bart is one of those characters that always manages to elicit a smile from me.
(From Teen Titans #50)


  1. I think I will have to read Young Justice at some point. I really have no idea beyond some passing references as to who Bart was prior to Geoff Johns running the Flash/Titans/Superman/Green Lantern/ ENTIRE DCU SHOW!!!!!!

  2. Young Justice was my first foray into the DCU, so I'll always have a special place in my heart for that series. After FINALLY having enough of the horrible way BENDIS was running the Marvel Universe into the ground, I figured it was time to expand my comic book collecting horizons. After some research, I found that Peter David basically did the entire Young Justice series and being a huge fan of Peter(IMO he's the funniest writer in the business)I managed to grab the full Young Justice run off of eBay.

    From there I grabbed the full runs of Impulse(which were OK)and Superboy(which was mainly pretty bad). 13 months and thousands of DC comics later I would consider myself WAY more interested in the DCU then the Marvel U, even though I grew up worshiping at the House of Stan Lee. I'd definitely recommend YJ to ANYBODY. Just don't expect any Earth-shattering stuff. YJ was a fun, kind of lighthearted read.

    I for one think Geoff should be writing even MORE DC books! I'd go so far as to say that with the exception of Ed Brubaker(who SHOULD be running the show over at Marvel, not that hack BENDIS)Geoff is the most gifted comic book writer today.