Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A priceless Hank Pym moment.

Reed Richards telling Hank Pym he knows more about Pym Particles than Hank does... Classic.
Hank Pym calling Reed Richards a bitch... Priceless!
(From "Mighty Avengers" #25)


  1. I am deeply regretting dropping this book solely because of those three panels. Reed Richards is a bitch... Awesome, simply awesome.

    (I dropped it not because of the writing or story, but because I want to read the Blackest Night stuff and my LCS kept forgetting to add it to my list like I told them.)

  2. Hank Pym calling Reed a bitch may be my favorite line all year! Yes Hank, he IS a bitch!

    You could always pick Mighty back up after Blackest Night runs it's course. As long as BENDIS stays away from Mighty it'll be the best Avengers title by default.