Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some fun with Deadpool and Apocalypse.

You know, one of my favorite things about the old Cable & Deadpool series was the great recap page that would open the comic. Deadpool breaking the forth wall always puts a smile on my face.
(From Cable & Deadpool #26)


  1. This would be an awesome team-up if Nicieza wrote it!
    & about En Sabah Nur:
    apoc is & always was a far better villain than magneto, no make that far better
    character! he never got his due because writers are jerking off to mags
    so much that overuse made erik so washed up that as a villain he
    stopped being interesting ( at least Apoc didn't whine about his tragic past, he said life dealt me those cards well I'll show them who's the man!)
    apocalypse on the other is far more complex in mind & power that
    when used you must write him epicly! shitty writing has harmed him while
    his fight with cable (underrated as he is) should have been the focus
    of a great epic saga! there's a thousand different ways to interpretate his ideology
    Apocalypse has all the tools to be HUGE villian for all 3 major Marvel teams(X-Men, Avengers, FF). Honestly the story to X-Men Legends 2 was one of the best Apocolypse storylines ever written, sure it had elements of "The Twelve" but it added onto that concept. Apocalypse decimates New York and starts to take over North America, come on now, thats just showing En Sabah Nur's real potential there.

    Your Friend Kais

    1. In X-men Evolution Apoc Supposedly killed Magneto but actaully turned him into his personal flying monkey. Apoc used his mind powers to turn magento against his children and allies. But Apoc is later defeated by the Acolytes, The BrotherHood of evil mutants, And the X-men with brief helpings from S.H.I.E.L.D. Even thoguh Apoc seems bad the real kick-ass team's are the Acolytes, BrotherHood, and the X-men and that is my written statement! xD ♥QuickSilver♥

  2. I could NOT agree with you more! Apocalypse IS a villain, plain and simple. He has insane power, and he's willing to use it to take over the world. Period. If he considers you too weak to make it, then you get culled. End of story. And THAT'S why he's a better VILLAIN than Mags. Writers lovge to write Mags as a tragic figure, and at times as almost an anti-hero. Apocalypse? You'd NEVER all him an anti-hero! He IS a villain, and that's why Apocalypse>Magneto. And for the record, X-Men Legends 2 is probably my favorite comic video game(well, besides Arkham Asylum I guess), especially the PSP version, where you can play as my personal favorite character, Nate Grey! Plus X Legends two borowed heavily from the Age of Apocalypse storyline, which is, to this day, my favorite Marvel x-over, by far!

  3. Not to make the apology of En Sabah Nur, but while he's indeed the villain, he still had the tragic past & his motives & goal are actually pure since he sees what he does as necessary to make mankind stronger & worthy. He just follows what his tribe taught him & the observation of humanity's evolution that made the embodiment of Survival. & guess what ? he actually can give Mystique a run for her money in terms of shapeshifting, after all his primary power is megamorphism! it baffles how those hacks keep misusing the guy that has actual resonance!