Friday, June 12, 2009

A priceless Cable moment.

Cable and the Silver Surfer having a knockdown, drag-out fight over Australia... Classic.
Cable SHATTERING the Surfer's indestructible board... PRICELESS!!!
(from the fantastic Cable & Deadpool #10)


  1. I enjoyed seeing the Silver Surfer get the hell knocked out of him. Too bad Cable ended up with bizarre technopathy afterwards...

  2. But at least there was a great fight between Agent X and Deadpool as a result of this fight!

  3. So did I! The Silver Surfer is just one of those guys I always wanted to see get knocked around. Sadly I think it was around that awesome Deadpool/Agent X fight this series peaked at. It was pretty much downhill from there(although I did love Bob the Hydra Agent).

    Cable & Deadpool was a great example of one of the things that is so wrong with the Marvel U today. How the hell do you "kill" Cable off in X-Men #199/200 even though he is starring in his own self-titled series?!? Then Fabian Nicieza was stuck with a series called Cable & Deadpool, but with no Cable!!!