Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lex Luthor vs Lex Luthor???

"I'm Lex Luthor!"
"No, I'm Lex Luthor!"
"No you're not, I'M LEX LUTHOR!!!"
(From somewhere during Infinite Crisis)


  1. Technically one of them is Alex Luthor and had friggin Jerri Curls. Can't say I'd believe Lex from Earth 0 would ever commit such a fashion faux-pas.

  2. Well, in Alex's defense, he did leave his Earth in the 1980's. Watch almost any movie from the 80's and the first thing you'll notice is the truly horrible hair! What were people thinking back then???

    You know Tony Stark was rocking the jerri curls back then too. Jerri curls, 70's porn star mustache, wide collar shirt with a mess of buttons open, and a polyester sports coat with the sleeves rolled up. No wonder women couldn't resist Tony back in the day!!!