Thursday, October 29, 2009

Annihilation Prologue #1(May 2006)

Thanos is always awesome, even when he's wearing whatever that is he's wearing.


  1. Actually this costume makes more sense than the classic one!
    & boy did I love annihilation! a one word review:
    This to me is the last worthy marvel event
    Annihilation succeeds where Marvel's Civil War failed. Civil War was boring, poorly written, and hard to swallow. Annihilation in comparison is a great book that actually has some believability to it and a real sense of jeopardy for the heroes involved. Plus, it breathes some new life into some cosmic heroes/villains that have been on the back burner far too long at Marvel.
    The death of Thanos was actually perfect ! By letting Drax kill him, He was finally the consort of his lady, Death!
    Annihilus was badass as well & it's a shame no one is using villains like Apocalypse, Sinister, Dormammu, ShumaGorath,Exodus Carnage,Kang,Chton or Stryfe to their full potential instead of dismissing them for over washed up villains like Magneto or destroying heroes like Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Bishop or Cable for schlock & shitty stories


  2. Yes. I am so glad to see somebody who shares my love of the original Annihilation storyline. THAT series took a bunch of characters that only real Marvel fanatics knew and wrote them perfectly! The threat was HUGE, the battles were memorable, the climax with Nova and Annihilus was fantastic, THAT is what every other X-over SHOULD be! And totally agreed, it was everything Civil War wasn't, in a word, GOOD!