Saturday, October 10, 2009

Uncanny X-Men #453(Feb. 2005)

Well, now we all know the answer to Nightcrawler's question is a resounding yes!


  1. Bishop was not worthless at all & has been at times a cop, a time traveller a leader of a rebellion, a detective & has always been a GOOD person he's like cable or gambit one of these characters that are more than meets the eye & were not one dimensional
    ,fuck marvel for spitting on character dvlpt & history just for schock stories fuck house of m & messiah complex & morrison's run (yeah iknow district x & mutant culture aside the rest was putrid ,wretched & mean spirited!) for being shitty stories that ruin the x-men turning heroes to complete assholes! I mean, hell when you start rooting for Stryfe" to slaughter the wolvie stabbie squad instead of the "heroes", something is definitely wrong!

    "(please chaos bringer , come back! there's a lot of potential within you! crawl back from Hell as the badass you are , possess the body of Stryker the worthless priest & turn the purifiers into a real deal threat!& if you triumph please use Cyclops head as a glass!)


  2. Bishop was AWESOME in his initial few issues of Uncanny, when he was obsessed with finding the traitor, and it was always fun watching him try to kill Gambit as the suspected traitor. And then the traitor turned out to be Xavier........ And then Bishop had NO direction for the better part of a DECADE, before they gave him the District X series, which I STILL recommend to people to this day. THAT was the direction they should have went with Bishop! Mutant cop. Hell, if nothing else they could have put him in X-Factor and let him help that crew out with his investigative work. But they way they ultimately went with Bishop(and Forge as well)? Horrible...