Sunday, October 4, 2009

Generation X Annual '95(Nov. 1995)

Why is Chamber not in one of the MANY X-books on the market today???


  1. boy do I fucking love these guys! let me tell why!
    the heroes:

    Jubilee: love jubilation lee ,srsly x-fans & writers may venerate kitty pryde (i never understood why! she was only good in evolution & under warren ellis, the rest was overglorifying her) but to me jubilee was a far better character with human failings & an admirable optimism? a touching character since tragedy harmed her but she always fought back with colorful plasma & a smile on her face.she humanised logan even more with their father/daughter relation
    fuck house of m & decimation & fuck quesada

    Synch:Is so much more than a mere power copier. His Aura, copied powers to its best approximation. He couldn't copy Penance so his aura became a force field. His ability the use others abilities creative manners they could not, as well as his Empathic nature,and willingness to help others through their problems what attracted me to the character. His death was a real

    Husk: The activist, brain of the group. I liked her well enough, and was pissed that the turned Emma into a cheap copy of her powers instead of using Husk. Not one of my faves but I liked her well enough

    Chamber: I really liked his general moody bad attitude through the series. And the fact had he had not only the qualities of leadership, but the potential rebuild his face, and take his powers to unbelievable hights if he ever stopped felling sorry for himself and practiced.

    Skin: is Best at the beginning and the End of Gen X. Did the most with what he had.Currently NOT dead but working on a boat (he wanted to travel a bit around the world, Austen's run never happened exceptb for Juggernaut destroying his old house!)

    Monet: never got her. I like what Peter David is doing with her. But a shame Lobdell didn't finish her story

    Penance:such a cute razorsharp creature!

  2. Ah. I am so glad to hear that... If I was to rank my favorite teen heroes books, Gen X would definitely be in the top 3, along with Young Justice and Young Avengers. Instead of this awful Gen Hope crap, I WISH we could get some sort of Gen X reunion... The hell with the New Mutants, give me a new Gen X series!