Sunday, October 25, 2009

X-Men Unlimited #1(June 1993)

Ah how I miss this Cyclops. This was the Scott Summers I was such a fan of back when I was still a kid.


  1. new cyclops" isn't as awesome as 90's cyclops, 90's cyclops was actually a lawgiver who had trouble relaxing, but he always tried to do what's best for the group and was always heroic when it counted , the fact that he went to the future 12 years to rise his son nathan along with jean or earned the respect of the acolytes while blindfolded is worthy of respect

    As a Jean fan and Jean/Scott fan it was hard enough to endure the crap that Morrison pulled out of his ass & threw their way over the course of his run .Then him killing her off, but having Scott make out with Emma,eer...wait I mean Paris Hilton ( the real Emma is both classy & respectful), who was dressed like an absolute ho, on top of her grave, like 5 minutes after she died, was like one big final slap in the face. He really didnt have to go there and it forever killed Cyclops for me and had me drop him as one of my favorite

    & they say" evolution"! like fucking hell this IS HACKERY!
    "new cyclops is the morrison version & onwards


  2. I've said it a lot, but again, I couldn't agree more. I'm a huge fan of Jean, and the way she was... for lack of a better term, fucked over before her death REALLY pissed me of, and still does to this day. Here's hoping Jean makes her inevitable return, hooks up with Wolverine, who I KNOW whould treat her right, and utterly destroys Lord Summers and his tramp. Or better yet, reverts them back to their "real" selves!