Friday, April 2, 2010

Batman #416(Feb. 1988)

Remember when I posted the pre-Crisis meeting between Dick Grayson and Jason Todd?(If you don't, here it is) Well, after the Crisis, DC decided to change up the first meeting between Dick and Jason, and the preceding scene is what happens during that meeting. In my humble opinion, had DC stuck with the original meeting, there wouldn't have been such a fan backlash against young Jason, and that means there's probably a good chance he wouldn't have suffered his grisly fate. I can't help but wonder how things could have been different had Dick accepted Jason as his replacement, instead of resenting him... So, am I right or wrong? What do you guys think?


  1. I think at this point in time DC wanted that whole "grim" tone for their stories, so having Grayson accept JT may not have made much of a difference as far as his fate goes. I agree though, characters' attitudes in the stories can sway readers' opinions as well.

    I also think that if I didn't consider Wayne/Grayson like father and son these scenes would seem like such a lover's quarrel.

  2. I agree X, I think if they had the mantle passing people would accept Jason more, like they do with Tim. Who knows. I still love their meeting from Nightwing Year One.

    Gotta agree with Kello, this definitely looks like an argument two lovers would have.

  3. I don't know Kello... If the fans would have rallyed behind Jason, and he was beloved by the other members of the Bat-clan(like Tim Drake was), I'm not so sure DC would have killed Jason. By killing Jason, they were ridding themselves of an unpopular character, as well as going overboard in shock value. If Jason would have been accepted by Dick(and by extention the fans)why would DC bother killing him then? BUT, the best way to end this is that we'll never know for sure...

    I am SO glad you guys picked up on that as well! This is the second time in a few nights where I really have to question the dialogue used by Batman(and Nightwing as well!)! The whole scene seemed WAY more jilted lover then father/son to me!