Friday, April 9, 2010

Generation Next #3(May 1995)

As much as I love this x-over, it wasn't all good. I EASILY could have done without the Gen Next part of the AOA x-over, it was probably the weakest link in the whole story...


  1. It was slightly odd, and the art was strange (in a good way), but I actually preferred this to alot of the AoA :P

  2. Huh, one of my main gripes with the Gen Next stuff WAS the art! I just didn't like it, it wasn't polished enough for my taste. Plus it made me hate Colossus even more then I already did!

  3. I'm a sucker for scratchy art I suppose :D
    Oh, Colossus sucks balls, he really does ;)

  4. To each his own I guess.

    "Oh, Colossus sucks balls, he really does" Now there's something we can both agree on!

  5. Yeah, I know ;) I can't remember who it was, but there was one comic artist who did it all the time and it did look sweet. Hmmm...

    The only good thing about him was the regular continuity Shadowcat romance, even if Shadowcat sucks, because it was the "Ohhhh, shit. I can't touch that" ;)

  6. The Colossus hate I guess I can live with (although I do like him), but c'mon, what's wrong with Kitty??

  7. Ugh, I can't stand Shadowcat! She's one of those characters that I hate because of her creator... Chris Claremont just loved to SHOVE her down the throats of the fans, and most of the time, when some writer does that, I tend to turn against/despise the character. I mean, even when she was a 14 yr old rookie, she was doing stuff that the other X-Men couldn't do... Other examples of that would be Yost & X-23, Morrison & Damian and BENDIS & Luke Cage. I get the feeling I'll be adding Geoff Johns & SAINT Barry Allen to that list pretty soon...

  8. I've never seen much of a personality with Shadowcat. Actually, alot of the X-Men have one feature beyond their powers, and that's about it :/

  9. I always saw Shadowcat as that annoying girl who always got what she wanted, like a spoiled brat... I kind of thought that was her personality!

  10. Her character has grown up and matured since then, though. Just look at her in Wolverine & Kitty Pryde, Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame (the pseudo-sequel to W&KP), and Astonishing X-Men, and I think the progression is pretty clear.

  11. I can kind of see what you're saying Marc, but there's just something about her that bugs me... Maybe I can't see past her early X-appearances, but to me she's still a character that's just infinitely annoying. I just can't get into her at all.

  12. I hear ya man & about these guys:
    - Kitty: i too can't stand her in the old x-men or the whedon version (Buffy-lite anyone?)but i dig her with Pete Wisdom & the evolution cartoon is great & BELIEVABLE, so my perfect Shadowcat is a mix between these 2 versions
    - X-23: at first , I thought she was really gimmicky. but the 2 first mini-series were...kinda good & Marjorie Liu gave her a distinctive voice so I warmed up to Laura plus she's with Gambit aka my personnal fave (thank god for miss Liu she really saved the ragin cajun),( Now If Sabretooth shows up the mind games he'll play with Laura to hurt Logan will be orgasmically EPIC). however I spit on new x-men (I mean honestly theyre the shittiest team ever! The New Mutants only lost two members, and Gen X lost one.And it had a meaning , It was tragic & you felt for them! The New X-Men have lost what, like 13!?! new-Cyclops is a shitty leader and i would rather send my mutant kids to Apocalypse or Sinister than to hand them to a man who has gotten 50-odd teens killed.)
    - Damian : THE REASON I SPIT ON MORRISON'S BATMAN!a marty stu that makes me want to let the joker feed with smylex tainted fish or a good crowbar punishment;
    really the kid brings a decapitated head & bruce says nothing even burton's batman aka the darkest version of batman would react, seriously WTF! Jason was maybe brash but he still showed that he loved Bruce as a father & RESPECTED Alfred (YOU DON'T MESS WITH ALFRED MOTHERFUCKERS)

    Luke Cage:On a side note , the last time the Avengers were great was the short run Geoff Johns wrote (while i may have many reproaches towards Johns ‘s writing , at his best, he’s just excellent!he & busiek made Hank Pym awesome again (the wife beater title is inaccurate, robot puncher is more like it)).
    since Bendis took over it became the Luke Cage & Spiderwoman show (& let’s say i was pissed when Carnage was killed in such a shitty way…)which did not really need the destruction of the Scarlet Witch(one the kindest & kind-hearted heroins around) or handing her to friggin Magneto( who really needs to retire…last time he was great was fatal attractions…in 1993…even the cartoons understood that & gave him a retirement home & a beard(in TAS))
    & good old Dr Strange “revealing” there was no chaos magic…wow I’m speechless! what will it be next time?
    spidey’s webs are not made by web fluid but were his own semen this whole time!
    Thanos was actually a janitor called Eric!
    Which one are they gonna pull?)FUCK YOU BENDIS!

    Barry Allen; I like Barry but he's DEAD! he died as a hero, it inspired his nephew to become a better person & when he appeared from time to time ,it was great & touching ( SRSLY for a dead guy he & reverse-flash (eobard) appeared a lot in Waid's run!)Now we have Wally , Jay & Impulse (Kid flash is not cannon for me people!) & Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) is a far better character than Eobard will ever be!

    sorry for the length pal, I had to say it!


  13. the Colossus sacrifice to find the cure was a good conclusion for Piotr & they had to retcon it.
    Fine , I supprted the return of Jean Grey since her death was unnecessary, but they did shit with Piotr except pining over Kitty or his sister! poor guy.

  14. Let's see how I've change since I posted this... I still can't stand Kitty. I hated the way Claremont would SHOVE her down everyone's throats EVERY ISSUE!!! That really turned me off the character for good.

    HATED X-23 at first, but Marjorie Lui has turned me aorund 180 degrees on that character. She's actually doing hat I thought couldn't be done, giving X-23 a personality and making her likable!

    I've really warmed to Damian a lot, especially when he's paired with Dick Grayson. They balance each other out nicely. I now see that all Damian wanted to do was impress/please his father, he'd just do it in the worst way possible...

    Luke Cage is written 1,000,000 times better in ANYTHING NOT written by Bendis. Jst check out the recent issues of T-Bolts with Cage. It's odd how I can like Cage in T-Bolts, but loathe him in anything Bendis written... Spiderwoman does nothing for me. Hell, I'd rather have the Julia Carpenter vrsion of the character around than Jessica Drew. Since she's been there what exactly has she done?

    And yes, BARRY ALLEN SHOULD HAVE STAYED DEAD!!!! He died the death every hero should strive for! He died the heroes death! The character had run it's path. It was time for some new blood. Wally West was a fantastic Flash, he basically grew up from a womanizing punk, to a domesticated family man. If ANYTHING, Bart should be the current Flash. He was great in Fastest Man Alive, and Wally easily could have served as his retired mentor. The sad thing is that the whole DC reboot seems almost solely done to make Barry younger, and to try to fix the terrible way Johns tried to force him back into the DCU.

    Same with Colossus. He died the PERFECT death! The Legacy Virus took his sister. He gave his life to make sure nobody else would suffer from it... It was perfect! And now he's back again, basically doing nothing... That really sucks.