Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wolverine #5(Nov. 2003)

Jeez, talk about a face only his mother could love...


  1. Lol. That is not a cute face at all. I can admit, I've never read a wolverine comic a day in my life, but for some odd reason he is one of my favorite X-Men/Marvel characters lol.

    I know who I'll be sketching this week in collabs with your Scan week. ^_^

  2. Wolvie just has that cool factor to him. He just seems ultra cool at all times.

    Ooooo! I can't wait! I'll def be linking to that once you get it up and posted!

  3. Lmao that's a face that lets you know you're about to die seconds later.

  4. Ha, you nailed that one JT, 'cause that's exactly what wound up happening!

    If you say so Falisha, who am I to argue with such logic? :p

  5. Lol That method always works for Wolverine.

  6. Wow, I just realized how much Darick Robertson's pencils in this comic remind me of Richard Corben's. Very '70s horror comic-ish...which I think is one reason I didn't like this arc, since that's not a theme that really gels with Wolverine's character.

  7. Yup, nothing clears out a room quite like references to obscure artists from 40 years ago...haha. :)

  8. Ha! I'm still here, I just have NO clue as to who you're talking about Marc! :-)

  9. Corben did the Punisher: The End one-shot, which I know you've read since there is a scan from that comic on this very blog. ;)

    But yeah, he's mostly known for the work he did on Heavy Metal and horror comics like Creepy in the 1970s. Very good artist. My point here was that Robinson looks kind of like he's doing a mediocre jon of aping Corben's style in this comic, which is a style I'm not even sure fits Wolverine anyway.

  10. And by Robinson I actually mean Robertson. Sometimes I really need to proofread!

  11. Mmmm, I LOVED Punisher: The End! That's probably one of my favorite one shots actually.

    Wow Marc, you're like a comic book art encyclopedia! I know I've said it before, but I am most definitely impressed! Oh, and you're lucky JT didn't catch that little slip-up, he loves to correct mistakes!

  12. Very true! I think he must have been distracted by all of those recommendations for Enemy of the State that we hurled at him.

  13. Ha! Yeah, we really double teamed JT with our love for Enemy of the State. But how couldn't we? It really was an awesome piece of storytelling!

  14. the saddest part is that Larry Hama intended for Logan to leave the x-team & hit the road with his old pal John Wraith to have his own adventure schtick.This really would have kept Wolverine relevant & worthwhile as a character instead of;
    -whoring him out in every X-book
    - killing his entire rogues gallery (for fuck sake Marvel! bring Sabretooth back! I swear my friends, Sabretooth interacting with X-23 will be like her
    meeting a mix between hannibal lecter & freddy kruger!& he'd
    screw the poor girl's mind just to spite Gambit & Wolverine, &
    then he'll wait for Logan's birthday...you know what happens at
    that point!When well written ,Victor is just so despicable that he's delicious to read! He'll gut Daken in bonus!)
    -The past that should never be revealed has forever been butchered with the whole Daken & Romulus gimmick.
    -going against the concept of the man fighting his murderous instincts (you know ? what made him great in the past) to the murderous lapdog of douchelops
    -accepting x-23 in a murder squad, no matter the reason Logan would never let a kid reexperience the same shit he's been through!NEVER!

    last good Logan I saw was Greg Rucka 's or x-men TAS or x-men evolution, he's well written in those.

    Sorry man but I hated enemy of the state