Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Avengers #172(June 1978)

And thus began the longtime feud between Gyrich and Hawkeye.


  1. Although in no way shape or form know anything about the avengers, BUT, I will comment on an artistic level. It's amazing how much the art has changed in comics. I'm also amazed at this being in your collection of comics. :)

    And being a DC fan, looking at the panel with Thor, Iron Man and the other two I see Red Tornado, Manhunter, Beast Boy and Supes. Lol.

    I'm just being random. Lol.

  2. My goodness, that looks terribly written. Who did this atrocity?

  3. Yeah, looking back at some of these older comics I have, it's really obvious how much the art(and dialogue)has changed over the years Falisha! As for my collection, sometimes even I'M surprised by some of the books I have! It's crazy!

    The writer(and interestingly the editor as well)for this comic was Jim Shooter, Nagash. You've got to wonder how the same guy can write AND edit a comic... Oh, and another big difference between then and now is the fact that there are only 5 names listed for the creative staff for this comic as opposed to the 11 listed for Siege: Spider-Man(which I just pulled out at random).

  4. Writer, penciller, inker, colourist, editor?

    And I'm sure alot of creator owned stuff edit themselves

  5. Close, it was writer/editor, breakdowns, finished art, lettering and coloring.

    Yeah, I guess that's a good point, but for something as big as the Avengers, I'd think you'd want another pair of eyes checking out the work before it gets printed. I mean, if you write a garbage story and you're the writer and the editor, who's going to tell you it's garbage!

  6. Oops >.< Forgot letterer...

    No one, which is why there's some duffers out there ;)