Saturday, May 1, 2010

Teen Titans #30(Jan. 2006)

Sadly this was the best I could do. Bart really didn't do/say much during the tail-end of his Teen Titans run... Then again he was pretty much playing second fiddle to everybody else for his entire time on the team...


  1. Awww second Fiddle? That's gotta suck!

    But I will say this, the art is wonderful. Who penciled/inked/colored this? Also issues when he was Impulse if you don't mind looking for me. ^_^

  2. I'd only dig these comics back out for you Falisha! :-)

    This issue was done by: Tony Daniel(Pencils), Marlo Alquiza & Richard Bonk(inks)& Jeromy Cox(colors).

    Impulse #8: Humberto Ramos(Pencils), Wayne Faucher(inks)&Tom McCraw(colors)

    Impulse #30: Craig Rousseau(pencils), Barbara Kaalberg(inks)& Tom McCraw(colors)

    Impulse #86: Carlo Barberi(pencils), Rich Faber(inks)& Tom McCraw(colors).

    Whew, there ya go Falisha, I hope that satisfied your curiousity.

  3. Well isn't this sweet. I'm lost for words at the generosity... Group hug!!! :P

  4. X, sir, you are genuinely sweet. Total sweetheart!!! I didn't expect all of this! I'll definitely get my research on. You have satisfied my curiosity sir. :)

    Thanks so much bro!! :D *group hug*