Saturday, May 8, 2010

Avengers #229(March 1983)

This page had me literally laughing out loud... Especially those last two panels.


  1. Good lord, could he be any more of an ass?

    She-Hulk does suck though, so that's something we agree on

  2. That last panel where Hawkeye is just standing there laughing at She-Hulk like a c-list super-villain always cracks me up...

    And yes, She-Hulk does indeed suck, that's something we can ALL agree on! ;-)

  3. Lmmfao! Btw is that supposed to hurt?! HAHAHAHAHAHA. That's a pretty awesome scan.

  4. What is the context of this scene?

  5. It is quite funny, this is the best page of your scans for Hawkeye, just for that last bit.

    Yeah, and the reason she sucks is the same reason Hulk sucks. They both just suck.

    Does Hawkeye want a minitub in the bathroom?

  6. "Yeah, and the reason she sucks is the same reason Hulk sucks. They both just suck." I honestly agree with that whole-heartedly... They're just boring, sucky characters. That's really all that needs to be said!

    Here ya go Kello: She-Hulk was blasted by the Radioactive Man the prior issue and depowered. She figured her powers were gone forever, so she moped around Avengers Mansion whining and crying to everyone. In a rare moment of intelligence, Hawkeye figured that if She-Hulk got angry enough she'd turn back into her green self, and sure enough, after some more taunting, she did end up turning back.