Friday, February 12, 2010

Cable #88(Feb. 2001)

You know, I'll never understand why some writer never pulled the trigger on a Storm/Cable relationship. It was teased from as far back as the beginning of Cable's series, yet nothing ever came of it...


  1. aaah, Rob Weinberg wrote the best Cable! & being a Nicieza fan ,that says a lot!
    I daresay he's the character that made me get into the X-books, and stick around for the intervening twenty years. Fabian Nicieza and others get credit for taking what started out as a generic tough guy in need of a past, and making him interesting by taking the dangling loose end that was Nathan Christopher Summers, a character in need of a future, and making them one character. It was an inspired stroke of genius; with his deep connections to two of the core X-Men--Scott and Jean--and two of the X-Men's most intractible villains--Sinister and Apocalypse--Nathan should, by all rights, be one of the key characters of the mythos. It's sad that he mostly isn't, because instead of , you know , pushing the potential & make him an A-lister like he deserves , nowadays writers always yell (OOOOh ! 90's are teh devil!)
    Well, Fuck you it wasn't that bad!A lot of characters have been made in that made & deserve more respect & not to be shunned!

  2. I agree completely with the idea that nowadays writers(and this is WAY more true in DC) seem to think that the 90's should be completely retconned from existance. Hell, it looks like that;s EXACTLY what DC is about to do in SEpt! I never got the hatred of the 90's. There were some awesome characters created back then, and some spectacular stories. Why throw it all away?