Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cable #95(Sept. 2001)

Ugh, it's my least favorite member of the Summers/Grey clan, Rachel.


  1. I always kind of liked her, but much like the rest of the Grey/Summers clan, her origin and history is confusing and crazy.

    So....who's up next on the pic site?

  2. Eh, she always seemed so unnecessary to me, especially since she debut right aroung the time Jean had just died and you had Maddie Pryor running around. Then before long, Jean was back, and you had three characters with nearly identical looks and powers hanging around. I only need one super-powerful mutant redhead, and that is Ms. Jean Grey.

    I still have two more Cable nights to get through, then come Monday, it's onto the DCU. I'm not exactly sure who I'll be spotlighting yet though, although I have a few ideas...

  3. Oh, sorry, I was thinking it was 5 days for every character. Should have looked closer and thought about it some more.

    Do you have any pics of Cable from around the time of his first appearance?

  4. Why yes, I do! Maybe I'll end Cable night with a scan from his first appearance. Since it was done by Rob Liefeld, expect lots of big muscles and huge guns!

  5. Heh ! enjoy this issue while you can because this is the last time she was well written!
    she's been one of the most screwed over x-men ever. People say Rogue was ruined, but she's got nothing on Rachel
    Rachel summers who is a pure badass in terms of temper & powers has been replaced by a really shitty rookie because Claremont was too lazy to deal with the backstory of his own creation that later writers wrote better (JF Moore, Rob Weinberg, Alan Davis)
    i loved her in the x-men , excalibur , the askani ( boy was that underexplored) & weinberg 's run on cable (this issue for example) she was a real bonafide ass kicker! but now like Emma frost or Cable , you won't find her but a pathetic shell of what she was( last guest appearance of the real one was in Gambit V4 #10 & Cable&deadpool Burnt offering, the rest since Weinberg has been fired in a bullshit manner is not cannon for me)