Friday, February 19, 2010

Identity Crisis #3(Oct. 2004)

Deathstroke vs. seven members of the JLA? Advantage: Deathstroke.


  1. Omg sir, you have seriously made my night ( and I just admitted it to JT lol)

    Identity crisis is my FAVORITE graphic novel. I've read it three times.(does that make ma a nerd? Lol) And this is what made me become a Deathstroke fan.

    You are the man X. :)

  2. So awesome. It doesn't get much better than Identity Crisis. Now bring Bruce back and give me a Batman vs. Deathstroke feud! COME ON!!!

  3. Identity Crisis is probably one of the main reasons I became as big a fan of the DCU as I am, Falisha. Before I picked that mini up, I was only moderately interested in the DCU, but after I read IC, I was buying up DC comics by the truckload! I also have to admit that it was this fight between Deathstroke and the JLA that caused me to become such a fan of Slade as well.

    JT, I couldn't have said it better myself!

    Hmm, after posting this, I'm going to have a tough time topping it...

  4. You topped it, definitely. I didn't even know about Huntress & Canary vs. Slade. He should've brought Rose along, love to see how she'd fair against those two.

  5. Aww. I'm glad such a great book brought you to be a DC fan. Man I'm going to have to get IC back from JT and read it again. lol. Should have did it today when I went over to his house.

    And Huntress Canary vs. Rose, man I don't even want to think about that battle. Rose vs. Catwoman would be pretty fly too.