Saturday, February 27, 2010

Deadpool #32(Sept. 1999)

Huh, you know, most of these Deadpool scans are so funny, I really don't feel the need to add any kind of caption... That makes me feel kind of ineffectual...


  1. Lmao. Deadpool is freaking hilarious. That last panel is just priceless. lol.

    he speaks the truth about murderers....I never understood why people went back to see if he/she was alive. They attempted to kill you, you must kill them first!!

  2. You know, Falisha, looking through these Deadpool comics for scans has really made me remember how funny some of these comics were!

    Ain't that the truth! That's one of my favorite parts of a horror movie(besides the hero/person being chased by the murderer inevitably falling down...), when somebody goes back to check on the killer... If I've managed to knock down/shoot/hit in the head with a baseball bat the killer, you can be DAMN sure I'm not going to check to make sure he's dead! I'd be the FIRST one out the door!

  3. I would definitely read some Deadpool. He is hilarious. Could never take him serious in anything he does or says. lol.

    lol I hear you X. That's why I NEVER understood why people go see what the creepy noise is in attic/ your gut HAS to be telling you to NOT go in there.

    One thing that's your favorite part that pisses me off is the chick that ALWAYS trips when being chased. Like seriously you're going to pretend your feet are made of bricks? lol uggh.

  4. Ha! Exactly, I love the part where the woman ALWAYS has to fall down during the "Run from the bad guy" scene! I mean, can't we come up with something just a little different?!? Another movie scene that always makes me groan is when you've got one person fighting a gang, and the gang members attack the guy one at a time... If the fight is like 10-1, shouldn't the 10 guys all attack at once instead of getting beaten up one by one?!?