Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Avengers West Coast #57(April 1990)

OK, I don't know if I should shake my head in disbelief or start laughing hysterically when Magneto says, "You make me sad, Iron Man.". WHAT kind of super-villain line is THAT?!?


  1. I really wish Marvel would get on the ball and start releasing some proper West Coast Avengers collections. I mean, if the crappy '90s Ghost Rider is worthy of being collected, why not one of the best team books of the '80s/'90s?

  2. I loved that series SO much that I went and collected all 102(?)single issues from various comic book stores. Then again, I'm an unrepentant Hawkeye fanatic, so that probably explains my love of the old WCA books.

    Hey, I collected all of those crappy Ghost Rider comics too you know! ;-)