Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Darkhawk #14(April 1992)

Hmm, you know, in a psychotic sort of way, Venom makes a lot of sense here...


  1. Um....when the hell did Venom learn how to do that? Now I'm no Venom aficionado but I had no idea he could blend in like chameleon.

  2. First Quasar and now Darkhawk. Venom really did make a cameo in every Marvel book at the peak of his popularity, didn't he?

    X-Man, you own so many comic books!

  3. I can VAGUELY remember Venom having that power JT... But then again, I've read so many comics, my memory of things is spotty at best most of the time!

    You could say that again, Kello... Back in the 90's, if you wanted a quick sales boost, you'd put Venom in your comic. I still have a few obscure series with Venom yet to post!

    "X-Man, you own so many comic books!" You could say THAT again! The last time I tried to count them all up, I was over 10,000 and that was almost two years ago, when I was only just getting into DC books, so I can't even guess what I'm up to by now... One day I should take my webcam and make a quick vid of my famous comic book room. It's both awe-inspiring and pathetic at the same time!