Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nova #7(Nov. 1999)

Not even a Venom appearance could save this series from one of the fastest cancellations I've ever seen in a comic book(just 7 issues!). That's a wrap. Venom week is in the books. Next up is some DC character... I'm not sure who just yet...


  1. That art is pretty good. You've gotta do a Firestorm week!

  2. Thanks again for Venom week dude, and I was gonna suggest Power Girl week but I like Kello's Firestorm week idea better.

  3. *Gulp* A Firestorm week??? Hmm... You know, that might be my toughest challenge yet, because I hardly own any Firestorm comics(I probably own 2!)... Well, I guess I could give it a go... If nothing else, looking for Firestorm appearances gives me an excuse to go through my comics tomorrow after school...

    Oh, and just so you know, the artwork for that page was done by Joe Bennett(pencils)& Alpuente Milgrom(inks)... Alpuente Milgrom??? I've heard of Allen(Al)Milgrom... I wonder if it's the same guy...