Friday, March 19, 2010

Underworld Unleashed #3(Dec. 1995)

Ouch, poor Firestorm... Why is he always getting impaled?


  1. Haha, that is an excellent question regarding Ronnie. Maybe it's an editorial mandate.

    The concept of that series always creeped me out. I remember the Robin part of the X-over had the Killer Moth becoming an actual moth type creature, and the covers totally grossed me out.

  2. "Maybe it's an editorial mandate." HA! That's one cruel mandate!

    I actually enjoyed the whole Underworld Unleashed series way more then I expected to. I liked the fact that Mark Waid didn't immediately beat everybody over the head with exactly who Neron was at first... I mean his identity was never really in question, but I liked that Neron wasn't a conventional looking devil character(horns, red skin, tail, etc), but a guy who could pass as almost normal. Yeah, Killer Moth sure got the short end of the stick with his deal! A few guys like Blockbuster and Dr. Phosphorus made out well, but man, Killer Moth was just a mess!