Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Millennium #5(1987)

Umm, what the HELL is wrong with Guy Gardner and Firestorm here?!? All I can think is that they were handing out some heavy-duty drugs before this meeting...


  1. Wow, both Green Lantern's comments and Wonder Woman's comments are kind of like Blackest Night foreshadowing.

  2. Guy Gardner at this point in time was still recovering from being punched by Batman in JLI; until he recovered he was a pleasant, pacific guy.

    Firestorm at this time had just been nuked. (Yes, he actually had a nuclear warhead dropped on him.) As a result, a new controlling personality appeared which was was learning about the world from scratch. Later it turned out to be the amnesiac mind of Martin Stein, who was believed dead.

    The author was having a little fun with these two personalities.

  3. Cool, thanks for the explanations Methane! That definitely helps put some of that dialogue into the proper perspective.

    Man, Bats must have given Guy one hell of a shot to cause him to turn into a pleasant individual! If only that would work for Bats in Gotham, he could literally punch some sense into his villains!

  4. Yeah, the Batman/Gardner fight happened pretty early in Justice League International, but it may have been the peek of the whole series.

  5. I can remember seeing the Batman one-punch KO of Guy, but I didn't realize that it had such a lasting impact on poor Guy!