Saturday, March 13, 2010

Darkhawk #36(Feb. 1994)

Huh, Venom sure did pop up in Darkhawk's series a lot...


  1. I'm curious about the context of this page. It seems like Venom really wants to open up to Darkhawk, but Darkhawk hurt his feelings somehow. And they were so good together...

  2. They really were quite the charming couple... I wonder what will happen to the kids now! :-)

    As for the background, Darkhawk actually DID sort of hurt Venom's feelings. Darkhawk wound up saving Venom from some c-listers and Venom figured they were pals or something. So they get to talking, and Venom is talking about how nice it is to be teaming with another hero(since in Venom's mind, he IS a hero/protector of the innocents), which causes Darkhawk to tell Venom that he WASN'T a hero, just a deluded villain. Needless to say, after that it was on!