Friday, March 12, 2010

Spider-Man Unlimited #2(Aug. 1993)

All right, now Venom week is REALLY starting to pick up! Venom vs Carnage? Yes please.


  1. The dialogue in this page is fantastic dude. Oh how I miss venom and Carnage before they were ruined.

  2. Now this is a fantastic scan. So action packed! I would love to read the whole issue.

    Lol sorry about not replying like norm X. I've been slacking and being busy with school. lol. But I am back!! :)

    Loving Venom week by the way.

  3. Yeah, looking through this comic for a scan really helped me remember what I used to love about the Spider-Man comics...

    Trust me Falisha, I know exactly what you're talking about! After going through my first rounds of midterms(the next round is next week!), I know all about being busy with school!

  4. Cletus & Eddie ! fuck yeah! D.Michelinie rules!
    about Venom:
    they fucked up venom the moment they took out eddie brock in that shitty millar story. instead of putting eddie in the thunderbolts (the real one! not the osborn shit) they make the symbiote EEEEVIL for no reason ( it never talked for fuck sake! were they even trying?) & put him on gargan who moved from scorpion (& Ilove Scorpion!) to one was as fun as Brock...Eddie + Symbiote=VENOM; Venom is a combo not a single entity & trust me the symbiote is a neutral being that emphasises emotion & that was in love with peter then with Eddie. ( venom theme song: 3 days grace:hate everything about you)

    Carnage: he is NOT one-dimensional!He is the anti peter parker ideologically speaking since parker is about responsibility kasady is the kind of guy who would say responsibility?what is it? this is why carnage is unique in the spidey rogues gallery he embraces immorality & actually wants people to be like him, he has however to be used sparingly .& his lines are just a joy to read with the cartoon voice & hearing some loud music!In fact, he's the MOST evil villain in the Marvel Universe. You can't just get rid of that in two pages. It's too valuable of an asset. He's the living perversion of the American Dream. He gets what he wants because he believes in himself. He doesn't just want your possessions...he wants your life. It's sickness for him that nothing is enough. And it's not because he had a bad childhood. He very could have been spoiled rotten which would have made even more sense..We all have a creature in us that has a desire for power and freedom, but are frustrated with having to remain locked in step with rules and regulations, this is what he symbolises!

    Average 90's Man