Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wonder Woman #3(Oct. 2006)

Ugh... I think I speak for everybody here when I say, PLEASE shut-up Hercules! And that's it, Wonder Woman week is in the books. Next up, Venom week! And that's Eddie Brock, not that poser Mac Gargan!


  1. Does that mean we'll be seeing Anti-Venom too?

  2. Nope... The anti-Venom stuff happened after I stopped collecting Amazing so I don't have a single comic with Eddie as Anti-Venom. I'll probably stick with stuff from the mid-90's when Venom appeared in seemingly every single Marvel comic.

  3. Woooo Thank you! Man I hate Mac Attack sooo much. Also, why is Robin with WW?

  4. Hercules is just an asshole in the Wonder Woman comics. What a douche! She knows what she's doing.

    Thanks for the fantastic Wonder Woman Week X-mizan! You're awesome!! :)

    Can't wait until Venom week....he's pretty badass.